THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think



What they didn’t tell  you about “Christmas” is not simply trivial or incidental. In fact, it could be the most explosive thing you have ever heard, if you are a “Christian”. Because what you were not told, is what could change your opinion as to whether you ever wish to do it again. (That is why they never let it be told) 

To the people censoring that information, making sure that you do it, no matter what it really is, is much more important to them, than your future, your welfare, or even your “eternal destiny”. (You’re just not that important to them) 
They really don’t care what happens to you, as a result of your “elbowed-forced” compliance to them. (Even if it “demonizes your children”, “kills both you and them” or “sends you both altogether to hell” after you die) They really really really do not care.
And just in case, you "get it confused" or "twisted" as a result of accidentally believing in their "propaganda", "peace on earth, goodwill toward men", (they will be very happy to explain very very clearly in person, how extremely much they do not care, if you ever cross one)
They will explain it, they will illustrate it, and they will even punctuate it with a few choice profanities. (All in “honor of Christ”, of course) ...The “Christ” born on December 25th, that is.

But whether they “like it or not”, you have a right to two things, summed up in the phrase, “informed consent” (1) You have a right to be “informed” about what you are asked to do, and (2) you have the right to give or withhold “consent” to do it.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing it, you shouldn’t do it.(And no one can "force you" to do it) 



A very strange thing happened in the history of the western Church. The idea came to be believed that “secretly” Christ and the Antichrist were the same thing. The whore of Babylon and the bride of Christ, were “secretly” the same thing. And that “Christ” and “Lucifer” were “secretly” the same thing.
So by doing “both” at the same time, the Church was appropriating the promises of “power” spoken about the “Antichrist”. Therefore by “sacrificing itself” to BE those same two opposite things, at the same time, they were “conquering the world” (for “Christ”).. the "Christ" of December 25th.

But it was the “Christ” of the gnostics, not the one of the New Testament. Thus the difference. And in believing what the New Testament prophesied was going to be “the great delusion”, it also fulfilled the very prophecies concerning the coming of the “Antichrist” and it’s deception on earth, and its global rule over the world. (Precisely as has actually occurred in history)



In order to “shut-down” the “Protestant reformation” in Europe, Jesuits introduced a “virus theology” that proposed there was no “Antichrist” until the last 7 years at the end of the world. It is commonly known as “rapture theology”.

It was a lie, designed from the beginning, to suppress the prophecies in Revelation from exposing what the Vatican had done in history. (While it actually went about fulfilling the role of the “Antichrist” on the earth) Which in reality were all fulfilled (and are still being fulfilled) in the “Papacy”.

Meanwhile they were busy attacking and suppressing the oldest and most accurate interpretation of Revelation known in existence. And suppressing it to such a degree that most modern Christians have never even heard of it, despite the fact it was memorialized in the very stones and architecture of Washington DC, by our founding fathers, specifically so it would never be forgotten. For more information,

SEE: "Antichrist for Dummies - Rev12"

The “image” of the beast is what is worshiped at “Christmas”. That is why “compulsion” to do it, is routinely used. The pope that “instituted” it, was literally named Pope Sixtus III (literally 3 sixes). The “mark of the beast” is the “ash-mark” given on the head, precisely as described in Revelation. (And that is precisely why it’s done, because it is). And Pope Sixtus III was the same "Pope" who authorized the use of "idolatry" to "worship Christ". (The one born on December 25th) That "Christ", is actually a wooden "idol" in Rome.

In the New Testament, those who worship the “image of the beast” or receive his “mark” will not be saved. No if, ands, or “buts” about it. It is a non-negotiable unconditional promise. It will not happen. That is “the Christ” they are “worshiping”, in the December 25th ritual, called “Christ-mass”. That is the truth about “Christmas”.

If you are “comfortable” with worshiping a wooden idol, then by all means, enjoy yourself. Do not force that on others, unless you wish to both damn them, and be guilty for what you did. (And you will be guilty for it)



As you saw (in the section on “The Christmas Scrooge”) in Charles Dicken’s very own personal experience, he discovered there are real “spirits” that are connected to, and work through, Christmas ritual. (After one unexpectedly paid him a personal visit, that left him permanently shaken).

“Spiritual things” continue to be “realities”, even when we choose to believe they are no longer there. Our “belief” or non-belief” in them, do not make them “go away”. We simply become “unaware”.

Much the same way we go to sleep at night, becoming oblivious to our surroundings.  But just because we are no longer “conscious” of what is around us, does not mean, the environment we are no longer conscious of, is now gone. It is still there. Despite our lack of “consciousness” of it.
Matthew 7:21-23

Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. *Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

The phrase, Most “Christians”… is a important phrase in the New Testament. It is the subject of a major teaching, by Christ. He directly and specifically refers to “most Christians”. (And their “ministers”) And he makes a note of all the “good works” they will do. The amazing “spiritual” ministries they will conduct. They will even have “charismatic gifts”. They will preach sermons and prophesy events. They will do miracles. They will even “cast demons” out of people. 

There will be no limit to what “most Christians” will see and do “for Christ”. “Most Christians” will certainly be “Christian” then, right? especially in view of all that? What could possibly be wrong?

And Christ says, even in spite of all this, when they stand before him, he will say to them, ”Depart from me, I never knew you… you that work iniquity”. What? How could this be? According to Christ, this will be the future state of “most Christians”. But how could such a thing, possibly be? Surely, Christ must have been wrong !?!

The answer to that “mystery”, is starring you directly in the face, on your computer screen, right now.  (Look to the left) You are being told right now, not only how, but why, that is truly, really, precisely the case.  “Most Christians” will never know the difference until it is too late. The “Christ” they thought they “knew”, will look at them as though they were total strangers, because they will be. That will be true for “Most Christians”. (Precisely as he said)

There is nothing that can be done about it. It will be the “fate” of “Most Christians”. The only way you will personally escape the “fate” of “Most Christians”, is not be “one of them”. DO not BE LIKE “Most Christians” (because if you are, there is a promise from Christ himself), hell is where you will find yourself, after you die.  That’s a pretty remarkable promise, from Christ himself.

It is very clear from the warning, that there are two problems taking place with “Most Christians” (1) The thing they “think is Christ” is someone or something else. (2) They accepted this false conclusion because they were willing to violate “law” (the meaning of the term "iniquity").  If they had not been willing to dismiss what God had commanded, they would not have ended up with a “false Christ”. (It was that simple)

A very large portion of the New Testament was written specifically to warn “Most Christians” about something that was coming in the future, that would “deceive” “Most Christians”. It would look like “Christianity”, but it would NOT BE “Christianity”. Thus, it would not “be Christ”. (Not the one of the New Testament). Instead, it would be a “Christ” offered to “replace him”. A “Christ” someone thought was “better”. Someone’s “good idea”.


Matthew 16:24-26


Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? 

In the circles where the “false Christ” is popular, they also do not want to talk about “the after-life”. Everyone is taught to “assume” they will go to heaven, no matter how ungodly, selfish and demonic a life they have lived. No need to talk about that, because most “ministers” of the “false Christ” are not even sure there is an after-life. (Many are secretly Atheists, but they are not honest enough to give up their “salaries”).  Some people however have actually “experienced” the reality of non-localized consciousness, after their vital functions have perceptively stopped. And for people who have experienced consciousness this way (outside of, and apart from) their physical bodies, no amount of “excuse-making”, will suffice to tell them, they did not see and experience, what they know they saw. It was a reality.

So the issue of what happens after death, is a very real and present and valid concern.  According to the real “Christ”, it will not end well, for “Most Christians”.  Years ago, a study conducted in a city in the southwestern United States which was predominantly Christian, reported that a vast majority of their “NDE” experiences, were of the “negative” kind. (Those statistics bore out the words of the real “Christ”)

“Christ” posed the question, how much is your “soul” worth to you? What will you give in exchange for your “soul”? Now is the time to decide that question. Not when you “wished” you had. The “Christmas-Christ” is a “false Christ”. It will not “save you”. It will leave you in the same state, that “Most Christians” will find themselves in, as a result of it. If you have “accepted” it “into your heart” (you need to repent). It is a lie, that it is based on a lie. There is nothing about it that is “true”. If you partake in any single “part” of its deception, you will end up, wholly “deceived” by it. It’s real identity is “Lucifer”, i.e., “Apollyon”, the “angel of light”, the “deceiver”. And it WILL deceive you. 

Yes, its difficult, its inconvenient. Your “preacher” will be the first to “attack you”. Your family members will respond to you with “vitriol”. You will be alienated and ostracized. You will be “persecuted” on your job. If you work in the ministry, you might even lose your job. But what is your “soul” worth? And what does it matter if you “gain” all these things, and die like “Most Christians”? Christ himself warns you, in the end, you will pay much more, than it was “worth”.  The people who have been propagating “Christmas” have intentionally made it as “costly” as they possibly can to withdraw from it. And they work daily, to increase the “pain” and “suffering” to the highest possible levels they humanly can.

They have intentionally created social practices to “punish” and “persecute” you mercilessly, for that decision. (“Peace on earth & good will toward men”) in reality, is the very last thing, they want. (It is nothing more than another “lie”, an “empty slogan” to serve as “propaganda”) They will “attack you” from every angle possible for your decision, but in the end, what is your “soul” worth? (You know, it’s certainly worth more, than whatever they can do to your body)

Those who went before you… they were burned alive. They were tortured to death. They were fed to wild beasts. But they “gained” their “soul” and died secure in their “salvation”. Now it’s your turn to have the same kind of courage, if you want the same kind of reality, they had. There is no “discount”, no “shortcut”, no “exemption”, it STILL takes to "really" follow, the “real” Christ, in life.

All the misery the world and it’s friends and allies, can heap upon you for following the “real” Christ, have not gone away.  It’s all still there, its just that those who have fallen asleep, are no longer “conscious” of it. Following the “real” Christ, makes every word you read in the New Testament, a stark reality. You will see them “come alive”, and you will have “an experience” that will match what you read, word for word. (When you follow the “real” Christ, you’ll see what those words really meant)  You will “know them”, because you will “live” them.

You will live among all the righteous, who have gone before you, and made the same decision you did. You will be with them, and they will be with you, as a great cloud of witnesses.  They will see your faithfulness, and they will know your name, and the real Christ, will confess your name, before his real angels.

You will not be “entertained” by the “prosperity gospel” anymore. In fact, you will pity the deception. You will not need a Nephilim “Christ” in your heart anymore, you will have the “word of God” in your heart, instead. You will not need a “singing Christmas tree” in December anymore, you will have the “tree of life” in the paradise of God. And you will no longer be like “Most Christians”, …you will be “saved”.